Dania Beach Transmission Repair

Looking for a Local Mechanic Shop in Dania Beach?

If you suspect that your transmission is acting up and need help, SMA Jet Transmission is exactly what you need. Our auto repair shop services all types of transmissions and transmission repair problems. At our auto repair shop, our skills are unparalleled to the other mechanic shops. We have nearly 30 years of professional experience, which translate to exceptional service for your transmission.

AMS Jet Transmission is Your Local Mechanic here in Dania Beach!

Being a local mechanic, we love helping the members of our community and their transmission repair needs. Our mechanics know the community and its customers. We take pride in our customer service and strive to provide absolute excellence when it comes to your transmission repair. The auto repair shop at SMA Jet is prompt and will gladly answer any questions you might have. We will service your transmission promptly. When your car arrives, we will tell you when it is available. We guaranteed that your vehicle will be fixed by the particular time we give you. Should anything arise, we will call as soon as we know and inform you, so you are always in the know. Your satisfaction is what we strive for and therefore, we do within reason everything we can.

Transmission Repair Cost

We know that car repair can be costly. Car repair can be a huge stress as well. Cars are a means of transportation and without a working car the effects can be devastating. It can also mean a loss of money for you as well because without a working car, you may have to miss work or go to work late. The effects of a car repair can ripple into other parts of your life. Luckily, you do not have to worry about the prices for your transmission repair at SMA Jet Transmission. As you local mechanic in the Dania Beach Area, we understand that many of our customers are on a budget and cannot afford to throw money away.

At SMA auto repair shop, we offer fantastic coupons and discounts that can be found on our site. Our coupons include:
  • C.V Axles in all cars for $99.95
  • Transmission reseal for $99.00. We also have similar savings as well.
  • Transmission Tune-Up for $44.95
  • Transmission Flush for $89.95
  • Clutch Repair for $199.00 for most cars.
  • Rebuilt Transmission, no gimmicks for $895.00. This includes car installation; labor and 12 months warranty for a complete rebuilt American rear and front wheel drive transmission. (This rebuilt transmission does not include transmission converter. Foreign cars at similar savings.)
  • 10% Senior Citizen Discount

Call us today for a free quote and see for yourself our amazing and affordable transmission and transmission repair services. We are local and available for 24 hours. Call us today!