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Transmission Problems – Service Your Transmission

No matter what type of transmission problems you may have,  SMA Jet Transmissions is the auto shop to solve your problems. We offer a broad range of auto repair services to fix the following transmission problems:

Lack of Response – When your car refuses to go into gear, for example, if your car has an automatic transmission, you may feel a delay before you actually feel the gear engage.

Clunking, Whining, and Humming – When you hear a sound like a clunking, whining, or humming, it is most likely the transmission.

Leaking Fluid – If you find a leak from your car on the driveway, and it appears bright red in color and smells sweet, then things are working correctly and all you need it to fix a hole. If you find the fluid to be dark and smell burnt, you probably need to not only fix the hole but have a fluid change, flush the transmission, or have other repairs done.

Shaking or Grinding – If you feel the car shaking, or you hear some grinding noise coming out of the hood, it is probably a transmission problem that needs to be repaired.

Burning Smell – When transmission fluid overheats, it creates a burning smell, meaning that auto repair services are needed.

Car Does Not Go Into Gear – When the car is refusing to go into gear, it is probably time to go to the auto shop and check your transmission fluid.

Check Engine Light – Most time, the check engine light is an indicator of possible transmission problems. When you see this light, come to and auto shop or AMS Jet Transmissions right away.

Transmission is Noisy in Neutral – When your transmission is noisy in neutral, it may be a quick fixer upper by adding transmission fluid, but you should still seek auto repair services just in case it is something else. Slipping gears is a serious safety risk. This happens when the car spontaneously slips into another gear while driving. Come to AMS Jet Transmissions right away if this is happening.

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